This new online edition of Chirp & Drift premieres for Oxford’s Christmas Lights Festival with a special focus on Blackbird Leys and Greater Leys, taking inspiration from the many streets that are named after birds.

You can interact with the LIVE STREAM of Chirp & Drift by tweeting about one of the birds from the street names of Blackbird Leys and Greater Leys using the hashtag #ChirpDriftOxford

You could Tweet about your favourite street, or when you last saw that bird, or a short poem – just don’t forget to use the bird name and #ChirpDriftOxford

As if by magic, your Tweet will trigger the special music for that bird, with your tweet – as part of the live interactive LIVE STREAM on 20 & 21 November from 4:30 – 8pm.

Poems generated in a workshop will also be included during the live stream, between tweets.

If you want to join in the Twitter interaction but don’t live in Blackbird Leys of Greater Leys Oxford – then be inspired by the road names there, which feature these birds. For inspiration – check out our workshop resources page here. #ChirpDriftOxford

Blackbird Leys Road, Kestrel Crescent, Merlin Road, Peregrine Road, Brambling Way, Linnet Close, Mallard Close, Falcon Close, Skylark Place, Robin Place, Hobby Court, Sparrow Way, Fieldfare Road, Tern Walk, Plover Drive, Warbler Walk, Nightingale Avenue, Dunnock Way, Greenfinch Close, Kingfisher Green, Pochard Place, Swallow Close, Partridge Walk, Pipit Close, Teal Close, Swift Close, Grebe Close, Chaffinch Walk, Nuthatch Close, Moorhen Walk...


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