Interact with a flock of moving, glowing musical sculptures as they perform their dusk-time chorus

This new online, interactive edition of Chirp & Drift has been created by Kathy Hinde specially for Blackbird Leys and Oxford’s Christmas Light Festival 2020.

Tune into an interactive digital experience of a flock of moving, glowing musical sculptures that perform a dusk-time chorus. The morse code chatter of these bird-like instruments will be generated from the bird-themed street names of Blackbird Leys, and real-time Tweets from you, the viewing audience.

Gentle tones and harmonies are made by accordion reeds hidden within each ‘bird’. As they move, air is pressed through the reeds, reminding the listener of the delicate and fragile state of the environment and our own health.

Films of Chirp & Drift performing the bird names from Blackbird Leys can be enjoyed online for the duration of the festival. Chirp & Drift will be streamed from this website, OCM’s website and OCM’s Facebook page


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