CHIRP & DRIFT  :  TALK  :  CONNECTING NATURE, ECOLOGY AND ART  :  How do we engage with what matters?

Sunday 27th January 2019 : 8pm-9pm,  The Olive Room, upstairs at The Gregson Centre, Moor Gate, Lancaster


Artist Kathy Hinde, poet Sarah Hymas and bird expert and writer Laurence Rose are joined by Alice Booth, creative producer at Lancaster Arts, to discuss their passion for the conservation of nature, and their approaches to engaging people with nature through the arts.

They will share recent projects including immersive installations, books and poetry.

Kathy, Sarah and Laurence came together in 2018 as part of the Chirp & Drift project to facilitate walks and creative workshops around the themes of birds and their habitats.

For more details and to reserve a place visit Lancaster Arts

Chirp & Drift is an ongoing project led by Kathy Hinde including walks, workshops, talks and a touring light and sound sculpture that premiered at Light Up Lancaster 2018.

Kathy Hinde’s work draws inspiration from behaviours and phenomena found in the natural world and is expressed through audio-visual installations and performances that combine sound, sculpture, image and light.

Sarah Hymas writes, publishes and performs work about our ecology and personal and social histories: through poems, artist books and immersive walks. As a poet and facilitator, Sarah shares her practice so others can see, feel and understand the value and intrinsic role of creativity in our lives.

Laurence Rose is a writer and conservationist who has worked for the RSPB for over 30 years. He recently authored ‘The Long Spring’ published by Bloomsbury press.  He is currently part of a team managing ‘Back from the Brink‘, a programme of species recovery projects run by eight organisations working across all wildlife.

Alice Booth is a Creative Producer at Lancaster Arts



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