Chirp&Drift is a project initiated and led by audio visual artist Kathy Hinde, working towards the creation of a sound, light and text artwork for public space concerned with how birds adapt to survive in response to environmental change.

Chirp&Drift aims to highlight processes where errors and miscommunications occur, as a metaphor for broken ecologies such as interruptions to habitats, narrowing sonic bandwidths for bird-calls to be heard clearly, elongated migration routes, changes in water levels and the implications all these factors have on bird-life.

Kathy Hinde is an audio-visual artist inspired by behaviours and phenomena found in nature and the everyday. She often works with sound, light, image, sculpture and location. For Chirp&Drift, she has invited a team of artists, researchers and technologists to take part in research and development over the summer and autumn 2018.  A time to experiment, to discover, to have conversations, to share and develop ideas together.


Kathy Hinde – Audio-Visual Artist
Matthew Olden – Interactive programmer
Sarah Hymas – Poet / Writer
Laurence Rose – Bird expert / Conservationist / Writer
Steve Symons – Web programmer
Jasmine Butt – Studio Assistant
Stuart Sharp – Environmental Scientist
Lancaster Arts – Project management
Know West Media Centre The Factory – Hosting residency, Bristol.

Huge thanks for funding this ‘R&D’ stage to Arts Council England and Lancaster Arts
With invaluable support in kind from Knowle West Media Centre ‘The Factory’ and RSPB Leighton Moss.